What is StorySticker?

StorySticker turns any children’s book into a recordable audio book. After purchasing a StorySticker, you record yourself reading your favorite book page by page with our mobile application or on our website. That recording is then saved to that sticker and can be played back at any time.

How can I get a StorySticker?

StoryStickers can be purchased through the stkr.it website, and are starting to be carried at book and specialty stores across the country.

How long of a book can I record?

StorySticker was designed to allow you to record any children’s book. There is no limit to your page recordings.

How long do the recordings last?

StorySticker recordings have no expiration date. They are intended as a family keepsake that can be heard for years to come.

How can I add a recording to my library?

All StorySticker recordings are automatically added to your library when you complete the book, when scanned by the StorySticker app, or when you enter the ten-letter code at the StorySticker website

Can I re-record my story?

You can re-read each page of your story as many times as you would like until you are happy with your recording. Once you press “The End” and save your book, however, you will not be able to make any changes to the story.